02 August 2016

U-Crown Inverter Wall Mounted Series

The Gree U-Crown Series has the latest G10 technology with Wi-Fi control and Ultra Low ambient heating.  It has been specifically designed with its 2-Stage compressor for top-end performance.  It is ideal for office and domestic environments and has been manufactured with advanced components and specially designed to save energy and protect the environment. These environmentally friendly, energy efficient units come in various sizes to match a wide variety of climate control challenges.

The Gree U-Crown is equipped with the Wi-Fi Function so that you can use your smartphone to control the temperature within your environment. You can also use the “I Feel” Function to ensure you have the exact temperature you want in any area and maximise your comfort.  The U-Crown filters the air by catching PM2.5 particles and removing them from your internal air, assuring you are breathing the purest and cleanest air.


Energy Label: A+++

SEER/SCOP: 7.0/4.6

Ambient Operating Temperature (Cooling) (°C) -18 / 54

Ambient Operating Temperature (Heating) (°C) –30 / 24

Dehumidifying Volume: 1.4 L/h

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