16 July 2015

GalxC Hydro-core - Hydrocarbon R290 Range

GalxC Hydro-Core - Hydrocarbon R290 Range The Hydro~Core Range innovative design creates a perfectly harmonised engineering structure, thus taking full advantage of the latest Acoustic technology available by achieving exceptionally low noise level


Fully integrated, ambient sensitive Hydraulic Circuit
Ultimate safety via a unique design
Advanced design resulting in reduced refrigerant charge, overall weight & dimension
Modulating and continuous change-over between mechanical & free-cooling operation to
maximise efficiency
Innovative approach with advanced structural design
Two separate plenum compartments
Single compressor / Circuit
4 Circuits / Chiller
Fully compatible for outdoor application
All safety features, in line with HC system requirements?

The Flow Grid & AxiTop are attached to the intake & outlet section of the fan, thus drastically
reducing the noise-generating disturbances, the Vortex strings are spilt when hitting the grille and
considerably weakened as they flow through it.
Those combined factors help to reduce the sound pressure in the entire frequency range, in
particular with the reduction of the lower frequency tonal range often associated as the main noise
Well acoustically designed system, potentially elevate noise regulation issues arising during planning
permission stages
























































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